Repairs and Services

Campbell Hausfeld Line Stripper. Paint Sprayer, field marking unit, paint sprayer repair, painter


Our estimate fee is $35 due upon leaving your equipment with us. The fee is absorbed into the estimate and used against parts and or labor as a deposit. Our typical turn around time for 

Electric Paint Sprayer Repair and Service

DB Service Center has been in the industry long enough to become a Graco Authorized Repair Center as well as an Authorized Repair Center for Titan Tool, BE Pressure, Mi-T-M Pressure, Honda Small Engines and a handful of fine finish and HVLP manufactures. While we have several pieces of equipment, the vast majority of them have been electric paint sprayers. We are more than capable of diagnosing your issue whether it be electrical in nature or otherwise and fix it. 

Gas Paint Sprayers and Hydraulic Systems Repair and Service

Our technicians make all the difference. With two master mechanics in house, DB Service Center is at the ready to dive into your repair no matter the size. Francisco Sanchez and Vincent De Jesus have been repairing equipment in the greater Southern California area since Bush Sr. was in office. Their expertise in small gas engines from any manufactures and the various fluid sections available from Graco and Titan ensures that you're back on your job site in as soon as humanly possible.

Power Washer Repair and Service

In addition to housing a large assortment of Pressure Washers from BE and Mi-T-M, DB Service Center is also the go to shop for any power washer repair or service. Our technicians are familiar with the diversity presented by the Pressure Washer market and have the know how to fix just about anything, so long as parts are still available. This includes: Hot Water Systems, typical Cold Water Systems, Electric Pressure Washers and both belt and direct drive gas engines. DB Service Center carries Honda Replacement Parts and BE PUMP OIL, we make sure that everything from your wand to your engine's air filter is in good working order before releasing the machine back to it's owner. 

Air Compressors, HVLP, Texture Machines Repair and Service

Air driven tools and the units that run them are a mainstays of cabinet shops and other applicators of fine finish coatings. DB Service Center has been servicing this community of contractors for quite a while and we know our way around an air compressor, air turbine, and texture unit. Our well stocked inventory of parts and expertly trained team ensure the quick return delivery of your tool. 

Generator and Tool Repair

DB Service Center also offers repair and service on mobile generators and repair on power tools. Our service package for generators, similar to the power washers and other small engine driven systems includes tune up and replacement of springs, gaskets and other vital components. Our technicians have a great deal of experience in the repair of electrical systems, both in the small electrical paint sprayers circuitry as well as the various circuit layouts of the numerous generator and tool manufactures in existence. 


Better Service, Fastest Turn Around Time

While we understand that there are several options in the way of repair center, one would have a tremendously hard time finding a repair center capable of matching DB Service Center's array of services provided. Our expert staff is more than qualified to diagnose your piece of equipment and perform the necessary repairs or service work. 

In the Construction Industry time is money, in the Retail Sector floor space is a premium; DB Service Center resides in both realms, we want you back on the job ASAP making money so that in turn we make money and your pump is back where it belongs, not here. 

Let our expert staff demonstrate the difference between taking your machine to an under qualified repair shop, and bringing it into to DB Service Center for professionally performed Repairs and Service.