4 Hour Rental

Available at a rental period of 4 hours, our pressure washer rental program is affordable for every project size. All equipment is ready to use and is constantly rotating out. Give us a call to find out what is in and place a hold. 

Daily Rate

Should 4 hours prove to be too small a window for your power washer rental, keep it for the day. DB Service Center has flexible pressure washer rental agreements, our comfortable daily rate is an extension of that. 

Weekly Rate

When it comes to long term rentals there are several options out there, DB Service Center takes pride in the machinery in our pressure washer rental program and makes sure that each machine is tested to manufactures specifications before being admitted back into our equipment rental program. Rest assured knowing that your headache isn't going to be the result of our power washer rental.

Paint Sprayers

Attractive Rental Rates

Similar to the pressure washer rental program our paint sprayers are offered in various rental packages. DB Service Center has been serving the Anaheim area for the better part of two decades. We hope to continue that tradition with our equipment rentals. 

Trusted Equipment

DB Service Center takes pride in the repair work that we do, so when you rent one of our machines, you are not renting a beat down, holding on until the day it dies equipment rental. Our machines are just that, ours; we make sure the fluid section is cleaned and all filters are in order before sending anything out for rent.

Service You Can Trust

In addition to our reliable equipment rentals and power washer rentals, our team is glad to walk you through the operational steps of the machine you choose to rent. Come see us in Anaheim!