Fire Fighting Equipment for the home and office.


Defensible Space

As we have seen be the case several times in Southern California, wildfires can spring up from a carelessly discarded cigarette butt or Cal-Trans roadside clean up. Everything seemingly leads to wildfire in our great state. Defend your home and personal belongings with a residential fire fighting system that can be the difference between having to repaint and having to rebuild.

Wildland Series Portable Fire Fighting Systems

Wildland Series Personal home fire defense systems are available in several configurations, from skid mounts to wheel based frames, the idea behind the wildland series is ease of use and portability. All of the units are powered by the Honda GX platform of small engines and come with the hoses, nozzles, and camlocks needed to deploy your personal fire fighting unit in a quick and efficient manner. 

Wheel Based Carts

Wildland Series cart based fire fighting home defense WS1565FC is the ideal piece of equipment for the defense of your cabin or bungalow. The 2" water pump makes delivery of water to your structure and surrounding vegetation as simple as possible. The quick deployment of the unit and its attractive pricing make this cart an easy investment in the safeguarding of your home and valuables. 

Skid Mounted Fire Fighting Systems

Larger portable fire fighting systems, intended to be carried or driven into place, can be loaded into the back of an ATV, UTV, Jeep, Samurai, or other small bed vehicle. The rugged design of the entire Wildland Series ensures that your unit is ready for deployment when you need it most.  

Investing in you

In addition to your home owners or renters policy, the closest thing to your own personal fire brigade is for you to take up the fight yourself. While not a substitution for fire insurance or insurance of any kind for that matter, the peace of mind offered by your personal fire fighting system ensures that you and your family, at the very least, are able to hold the flames at bay while your orchestrate your escape. The Wildland Series of personal fire defense systems are a wise investment. Starting at $1,000 there is little else that you can invest in that offers such a promising return. 


DB Service Center is at the ready to assist in your personal fire fighting equipment investment. All of our products are strenuously tested and our staff is extremely knowledgeable, ready to show you the right unit for your needs. We are also more than capable of designing a custom system to meet your precise needs. All of our fire fighting equipment comes outfitted with a US Forestry approved spark arrestors and are only assembled with high quality parts from trusted manufactures.